My name is Mireille Billen. When I was a child I went to an art school for children and after that I went to St. Lucas in Hasselt to continue my studies. After studying art I decided to become a model. Being a model gave me the opportunity to travel. However I did not just want to be "soit belle et tais toi". Following my modeling career I opened a clothing store for men, woman, and children, this lasted for 10 years. Next I decided to start painting. At school they used to call me “little Picasso” as I had a lot of talent when it came to color. When I paint I feel good about myself and it is through painting that I have found what I want to do in my life. During my painting career I met a collector who helped boost my confidence. I think that when you have a painting in your house it gives your house more style and character and gives a soul to your house, and it says something about the people who live there. Even when it is raining the sun still shines in your house. When you have a painting in your house you can still keep on dreaming, even when you are alone. A house without a painting is like a man without a woman, a woman without a woman, or a man without a man.

Currently I am designing my own jewelry collection, using real natural stones. Everything I create is hand-made and created from everything from wood to zwarovsky to natural stones. I found that making jewelry is where my passion really lies. All the jewelry I make is made with peace, love and passion. Just as when I painted I am able to now again put my feelings and expressions into my work. As soon as I see the stones my mind I already start dreaming about how my piece will look. Both my summer and winter collection are filmed at the beach because it gives the jewelry more life making it look nicer.

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