During my modeling career I had a lot of opportunity to travel. I spent a lot of time in New York and in Los Angeles. Also whenever my dad, Frans Billen, would travel, he would take me with him, because he does a lot for charity, such as to the "Academy Awards, and The Cannes Festival". This allowed me to meet a lot of famous people such as Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg, and Prince Albert of Monaco. These people have done a lot for charity and still remain true to themselves, especially Prince Albert of Monaco and my favorite actress Grace Kelly. Thanks to meeting them and seeing what they do for charity makes me want to do the same with my jewelry and make the world a better place. If I was in politics I would fine people who cause trouble in the world. Here are some pictures below of me with the stars and some examples of my paintings, you can also go to Frans Billen movie museum web site where you can see more people I have met.
My Paintings:
My Acquaintances: